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A Civic Charter for Sligo

Sligo Borough Council 2009 - 2014

Recognising that the people of Sligo having elected for the first time in the history of Sligo Borough Council, a council with a republican, socialist and social democratic majority, we the undersigned agree to work to implement the following programme for the five year period, 2009-2014. We believe that the implementation of this programme will make the Council more democratic, more accountable and better able to provide the level of service that is required from a modern local authority.   We appeal to all councillors and citizens to support and promote the implementation of the Programme.

Better Local Government
  • Democratic mandate and tackling officialdom – All decisions affecting local communities should be taken by elected councillors.
  • Retention and expansion of services provided by Sligo Borough Council.
  • All public funds spent should represent good value for money.   Full public transparency on Council budgets and spending.  Details of companies and consultants who successfully bid for Council contracts should be published on Council Website.  
  • Encourage members of the public, representatives of community organisations and school groups to observe meetings of the Borough Council.
  • Ensure that the County Manager takes the necessary steps to have all outstanding Development Levies collected without further delay so as to allow important infrastructural projects such as the Fairgreen recreation project, to proceed.
  • Extension of Borough Boundary and City status for Sligo.
  • Ensure that the Council budget prioritises labour-intensive investments to help create local employment.
  • Halt privatisation – Improve local services.  End inefficient and expensive    outsourcing of key Council services.  Expand direct labour to provide efficient services and boost employment.
Planning and Developing for Sligo’s Future
  • Democratic Planning and real public participation.   The needs of communities must come before the needs of developers.  Community facilities, regeneration and social and affordable housing should be provided as a right and not through developers.
  • Action on Unemployment:  Use the skills of unemployed workers to build the houses, schools and hospitals and community projects we badly need.   Unemployed workers should be guaranteed retraining and access to education. 
  • Investment and further enhancement of Sligo Port.
  • Unfinished Estates.  Ensure that all estates are taken in charge in a timely manner.
Infrastructure & Our Communities
  • Greater planning consultation with local communities.
  • The provision of an Eastern Bridge which does not impact on the local community.
  • The construction of the long awaited Western By-Pass.
  • The re-opening of O’Connell Street (one lane) pending Government funding.
  • Provide safe, high quality cycle lanes.
  • Ensure completion of centre block development and parking.
  • Oppose moves to privatise the public water supply and oppose Government plans to reintroduce water charges.
Our Environment
  • Protect and retain all green areas zoned as public open space. 
  • Promote the expansion of recreational facilities and playgrounds.
  • Allocate funding for the development of recreation facilities in the Fairgreen.
  • Seek to complete Cleveragh Regional Park within lifetime of this Council.
  • Take action to reduce the level of littering in Sligo, including support for a schools anti-litter programme. 
  • Support the provision of more recycling facilities throughout the Borough area.
  • Promote Allotments by using under-utilised public lands.
  • Continue to support Residents Associations in their efforts to maintain and upkeep open spaces.
  • Ensure that Council has a strategy to reduce carbon emissions including a transport plan that maximizes cycling, walking, park and ride and public transport. 
  • Action on energy: Introduce a scheme of housing insulation to allow for energy saving.                                      
Social Housing
  • Plan a new programme of Social and Affordable Housing – providing homes and local employment.
  • Greater use of Refurbishment Schemes especially for housing for the elderly.
  • Prioritising the Cranmore Regeneration Plan in full consultation with local community.
  • Ensure a sustained and planned local authority housing maintenance programme.
  • Speedy re-allocation of vacant Council houses.
Safer Communities
  • Review and stricter enforcement of Borough Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.
  • Promote, in addition to the Joint Policing Committee, local policing forums at neighborhood level to reconnect local people with their local Garda. 
  • Prevent the development of anti-social behaviour ‘black spots’ by planning for safe and well-lit public spaces.
Accessible Sligo
  • Provision of more wheelchair accessible footpaths throughout the Borough.
  • Strict enforcement of Part M planning regulations on all new and refurbished buildings to enhance access for people with disabilities.
  • Provision of more disabled parking bays.
Arts and Culture
  • Ensure continued support for those involved in local arts and cultural activities including support for the provision of a new central library and museum complex.
  • Support full implementation of the Official Languages Act and that the Borough Council adopt an Irish Language Promotion Strategy.
Social Inclusion
  • Ensure that Council policy making is underpinned by the need for social inclusion.
  • Promote and support events that promote our increasingly multicultural society, and encourage integration and inclusion in local communities.
Further, we agree that Sligo Borough Council will promote at a local, regional and national level the following initiatives for the wider Sligo region:
  • Retention of all services, including Cancer services in Sligo and the rejection of the proposed private hospital on the grounds of Sligo General Hospital.   An end to the two-tier health system.    
  • Recognition of Sligo as the regional centre for the North West, which requires upgrading of infrastructure and transport links –  including work on the N4, N15 & N59, extension of the ClaremorrisGalway rail corridor the provision of a commuter rail service linking Sligo with Carrick-on-Shannon.  Greater access to broadband –  to facilitate job creation in the region;
  • Support for decrease in primary class size;
  • A programme of school building and refurbishment;
  • Opposing cutbacks in special needs education.

Declan Bree (Independent)

Arthur Gibbons (Sinn Féin)

Chris MacManus (Sinn Féin)

Sean MacManus (Sinn Féin)



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