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MacManus seeks restraints on dogs on Sligo Beaches. (Agreed to by Council 6 September 2010)

Councillor Sean MacManus has urged Sligo Co. Council to do everything possible to make dog owners obey the Councils bye-laws in relation to dog control on Sligo beaches. Raising this matter at a meeting of Sligo County Council Councillor MacManus said:

“I have raised this matter because I have been approached by a number of people who use the beach at Strandhill on a regular basis and who are concerned at the incidence of dogs been allowed to run off the leash on the beach in contravention of the Councils bye-laws.

In many cases people would view this as a minor matter and a small irritant at most. However some people have related to me that they have had to abandon their use of the beach because they have had large dogs, running free, approach them.

Whilst Sligo Co. Council has enacted clear bye-laws in relation to how dogs must be restrained by owners on the beaches in our county I also recognise that it is difficult to police this issue.

Due to lack of resources it is always going to be hard to have dog wardens patrolling our beaches, however I would ask that spot checks are carried out on a regular basis.

I would also appeal to dog owners to recognise their responsibilities when using public area particularly where people come to enjoy public facilities such as Strandhill or any other beach. 

Not everyone feels secure in the presence of unrestrained dogs, particularly large animals such as Alsatians or Wolfhounds.  This council enacted the Bye-Laws regarding dog control on beaches so that everyone can enjoy these fantastic amenities. It is a shame that the selfish actions of a few people can spoil the enjoyment of others, I would call on those dog owners who let dogs roam unrestrained to heed the law.
‘Unique Public Meeting seeks to address Law & Order Issues in the Borough’

10 Nov 2009

Announcing details of an upcoming public meeting involving elected and community representatives, resident groups, An Garda Siochana, Sligo Borough Council and the wider Sligo public, Councillor Chris MacManus has described the meeting ‘as a unique event, open to members of the public and all sectors of the community within Sligo City. It will be the first step in starting a dialogue in how the whole community in Sligo can work together in tackling law and order issues.’

The public meeting will take place next Wednesday [November 11th] in Merville Community Centre at 8pm.

Councillor MacManus, the newly elected Chair of Sligo Borough’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) said, ‘all of us are aware of issues relating to crime and public order that impact on us all as individuals and as communities. Also, we need to recognise that no agency can resolve these problems working in isolation. That is why it is important that An Garda Siochana, Sligo Borough Council, local community and resident groups as well as the wider public work together in identifying what has worked, what hasn’t worked and what could work in the future.

‘That is why as part of the work of the JPC, I want the Policing Committee to go out into the community and begin a process of real consultation with the people of Sligo. This will be the first of these public forums. As an elected representative, I have too often heard people complain about law & order issues. This is the public’s chance to now get involved. Therefore I am extending to everyone, from community, voluntary and resident groups to concerned individuals, be they senior citizens or our young people, an invitation to attend next Wednesday night. Everyone’s input is vital as only by working together can we identify what needs to be addressed.

‘Over the past two months, the JPC has established two working groups to look at the issues of Anti-Social Behaviour and the problems arising in our City Centre during night time hours. Gardai, the Council, elected and community representatives as well as representatives from other agencies who will bring their valuable and specialised expertise to the working groups, are all involved. These public meetings will further assist the work of these groups. 

‘That is what I see as the key role of the Joint Policing Committee. To ensure that all these different elements work together and that where problems are identified – regardless of how major or minor – that we look for common sense solutions. All strands involved in the JPC need to follow through on whatever commitments are given to resolve these problems and the JPC needs to ensure that there is full accountability.

Cllr. MacManus concluded, ‘I would urge everyone who cares about Sligo and it’s communities to make an effort to attend this new and unique initiative. Everyone has a part to play. ENDS


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